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Our approach.

We approach each client with an open mind. We listen. We ask questions. And we get to know you. Then we use our experience and expertise to develop and execute effective marketing solutions that meet your unique needs.

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Four reasons why...



Consider comparing three different providers…that will involve at least six meetings. All business owners know that time is money and six meetings is an entire day out of your business. Using Cherry Media gives you back that time as we will take care of those meetings, those considerations and plan a cost-effective and powerful advertising solution that you can trust.



How do you know that you are getting the best price, or more importantly, the right solution? Most media providers will sell you what works best for them, not always what’s best for you and sifting through masses of information can be overwhelming. Using an experienced, independent media consultant takes away this uncertainty, our advice is unbiased and based on years of media experience. We can help you understand what exactly is on offer and which offer is the best for your business.



The outcome of any advertising campaign is dependent on the creative. Getting it right the first time is of paramount importance as it will showcase your brand to potential clients and it must be persuasive and professional. We have worked with thousands of clients over the years, each with their own challenges to overcome. Cherry Media will brief the creative so that they have all the information to best understand your brand, it’s aims and challenges so that they can develop an effective creative strategy.



When planning any advertising campaign it is important to start with the end goal in mind. This way your expectations can be managed from day one. Here at Cherry Media we pride ourselves on delivering results and ROI for our clients. Every aspect of your proposed campaign will be analysed to make sure that every pound you spend has maximum impact on your target audience. We will monitor and make adjustments where necessary, troubleshoot and resolve any issues which may arise, and be on call at all times giving you peace of mind. We build our business on honesty, professionalism and high standards and always have a ‘can do’ approach – which in turn builds trust and rapport = ‘happy Clients’ Our mission here at Cherry Media is the continuous pursuit of perfection in everything we do and to ‘surprise and delight’ always…

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